Hops & Hounds FAQs

A: You do not need a membership to enter Hops & Hounds. You and your pups are always welcome to stop in for a drink or bite to eat. The membership fee is only for those who wish to take their pups into the off-leash dog parks. We strive to provide a fun, clean and comfortable space for humans to enjoy with their hounds where leashes can be removed and everyone can play together. Your membership fees go towards maintenance, safety, staff, equipment, seating, shade and so much more. We will always be working to make the off-leash parks as special as we can for our members and welcome your feedback and wish list items.

A: Nope! Many of our regular customers don’t have dogs, they simply enjoy the environment and loving on other people’s pups. This is a place you will not want to miss, dog or not.

A: No, this is not ok. Nobody wants to step in or smell your dogs loaf. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t pick up after your dog, this isn’t the place for you.  Every dog poops so don’t be embarrassed when your dog does it. The only time you should be embarrassed is when you fail to clean it up.

A: Our staff will work hard to clean up after those who may have accidentally failed to clean up their dog’s poop, but the responsibility falls on the dog owner. Please be a good dog parent and pick up after them… it’s the right thing to doo…

A: No. The dog parks are not a place to let your dog run free without you. Every dog owner needs to stay with their pups at all times. Pets often become anxious and stressed when their human walks away, leading to excessive barking and aggression. Dog owners need to be within range to ensure their pup is behaving for everyone’s safety.

A: All pups must be at least 4 months of age to enter the dog parks and must be spayed/neutered and up to date on all vaccines. 

A: Aggressive dogs and their owners are asked to leave the leash-off dog park area for the day but can remain in the on-leash areas as long as their dog is leashed, behaves and doesn’t create issues. Should you return in the future and your pup becomes aggressive again, we will unfortunately have to permanently prohibit your dog from entering the leash-off dog parks.

A: We love all dogs and realize sometimes they become stressed and express it by barking. If your dog is barking so much it becomes disturbing to others, you may be asked to seek solutions to get it under control. Sometimes a walk around the park can help. Sometimes a dog treat can help. We simply ask that you be courteous to others and not be offended if we ask you to address the issue or remove your pup.

A: Yes, all dogs must have a collar with dog name and human contact info. Choke chains, training collars or shock collars not allowed in the dog parks.

A: Please read our full terms and conditions, but each dog parent holds the responsibility for the behavior of their pup. If one pup hurts another pup or human, we can assist with incident reports and calling emergency responders, but the liability falls on the pup owner. Dogs can easily become aggressive, growl, bark or show teeth; if this happens with your dog, please step in and be responsible. Should an incident occur, we ask that all parties respect each other, understand that accidents happen and handle the issue by working together.

A: All pups who enter the leash-off dog parks need to be spayed or neutered. Dogs that have not been “fixed” release pheromones which attract unwanted attention from other pups, and this leads to aggression and unwanted pup behavior. We value and respect breeders and their pups and will work to make special arrangements and reserved times for dog park use when possible.

A: All dogs must be current within the calendar year on vaccinations including DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies. While we strive ensure dogs are current and up to date on all vaccinations, it is not possible for us to keep up with every dog and their individual vaccine schedules. It is the sole responsibility of the owner to attest to the vaccination status of their pets.

A: No. Dogs love food and their behavior around food can be dangerous. To ensure everyone’s safety, we cannot allow human or pet food to be brought into the facility unless approved by management for special occasions.

A: This is unfortunately not allowed. Because some dogs become aggressive, protective and territorial over food and toys we ask that you leave those at home. Some exceptions include canine cakes and special occasion food, but requires management approval.

A: We love human children; however, we are a dog-focused facility and cater to pups and their humans. We cannot ensure parents will monitor their children and this poses risk of children hurting dogs and dogs hurting children. For everyone’s protection, children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the leash-off parks.  We realize this policy is not going to be popular with everyone, however we put safety first and must enforce this policy to protect pups and children.

A: It is sometimes a challenge to monitor just one pup, and you are liable for your own pup’s behavior. We want to prevent situations that could pose a risk to all patrons and for this reason, one human can only enter with a maximum of two pups at a time. If you have more than two pups and want to bring them into the off-leash areas, you must bring a friend who can help you keep an eye on all your hounds.

A: We welcome all breeds and simply ask that you not bring a pup into the park that you know to be aggressive or unfriendly towards others. All aggressive pups will be forced to leave the leash-off parks immediately for the day. After a second issue with aggression, that pup will no longer be permitted at Hops & Hounds.

A: One cool thing about being on the most beautiful stretch of the San Antonio River is the beauty… one challenge is the parking. There is ample parking all around the location, though it may require you to walk a block or two. Some parking requires you to pay at certain times of the day, so please observe all posted signs when you park. Unfortunately, we do not own the parking lots so please be kind to our staff about parking. We promise this place is worth the visit!

A: We strive to have park attendants present during busy times, but it falls upon each pup owner to keep an eye on their pups. Please monitor your dog(s) at all times, step in before issues arise, work together to break up aggressive dogs, be responsible if your pup gets out of line, and please pick up after your pup(s).